Why Topricin is Better

There are many essential reasons why Topricin is better than the other pain relievers on the market. Most importantly: Topricin does what it promises – it works. Instead of masking pain symptoms, like other topical pain products do, Topricin's transdermal micro-dosed medicines go deep to where the pain originates. Then Topricin stimulates the body's natural desire to "Heal the Damage That's Causing the Pain", so you experience real, lasting pain relief.

Here's a look at a few key differences:

Mode of Medicine Delivery:

Most topical pain relievers, even the most popular brand names, are blended with heavy fats or lanolin (any product that is greasy to the touch). This is counter-productive because the fats actually prevent the active ingredients from penetrating the skin barrier. This means they cannot penetrate to provide deep pain relief.

Topricin is able to provide deep relief for two reasons:
1) Topricin is not in a fat-base. It is blended with a skin conditioner, which actually primes the skin, making it more receptive to absorption.

2) Topricin's patent-pending micro-dosing technology delivers small, potent doses of medicine through the skin barrier and into the affected tissue.

Topricin vs. Oral Pain Relievers:

Oral pain relievers, like ibuprofen and acetaminophen (the active ingredients in two very popular anti-inflammatory brands), are not completely safe. Overuse of these products is the leading cause of liver and kidney damage in America. As a result, approximately 20,000 people, in America alone, die from the side effects of using these oral pain relievers..

Topricin is an all natural, homeopathic pain reliever. It is completely safe to use, even on babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

There are no side effects.

Ingredients That Don’t Simply Mask Pain:

Other products on the market contain capsaicin and/or menthol. These ingredients are not pain relievers, but are instead used to cover up the pain by providing a secondary, superficial pain at skin-level (characterized by an uncomfortable burning sensation). This distracts you from the original pain, without actually helping the injured tissue, and stalls the healing process. When the product's effects wear off, the original pain returns.

Topricin contains nothing that irritates or burns the skin. So Topricin does not merely cover up the original pain. Plus, Topricin contains a combination of eleven regulated natural medicines that are carried deep to where the pain originates. These select pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines eliminate the acute pain while reducing swelling and improving blood flow, respectively. This is the beginning of the healing process.


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